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     Upholstery cleaning was cheap and was carried out professionally by Enfield Highway Carpet Cleaning. I have no complaints, just high praise for the standard of service.
Y. Wicks19/05/2020
     My parents recently sold their house to become snowbirds. My siblings and I helped them move, and my sister bought their house in town. Unfortunately, she didn't have much time to clean before she moved in. She called Enfield Highway Carpet Cleaning and they helped with her spring cleaning. Terrific service at a terrific price!
Mary Watson20/09/2019
     Domestic cleaning has never been something I relish. With their prices, I didn't feel guilty about palming it off on Enfield Highway Carpet Cleaner. I've found my solution.
Andy S.08/02/2019
     Their cleaners are punctual, courteous, and importantly, hard-working. They can deal with any type of cleaning issue, and are just a real pleasure to be able to call upon. EnfieldHighwayCarpetCleaners are the best in business in my eyes.
Courtney A.22/08/2017
     I can highly recommend Carpet Cleaning Company Enfield Highway for quick, cheap and trustworthy cleaning services. Exceeded my expectations and I'm giving them five stars.
Anita M. 28/10/2016
     I will only ever hire a professional cleaner if they are part of Carpet Cleaning Company Enfield Highway. I have hired several cleaners from them and each one has been fantastic. Every cleaner worked hard, gave me good results and was a total professional. I had never come across such skilled and hardworking people and want everyone to know this.
Rich Crowe24/09/2015
     I used to think that anyone who had help with cleaning their home had to be relatively well-off. Yet when speaking to my neighbour over coffee one morning she revealed that she kept her home so spotlessly clean by using the services of EnfieldHighwayCarpetCleaners. When she told me how much she paid I nearly passed out and demanded she give me their number. Now I too, on my limited budget can afford house-cleaning services! What a treat and without having to break my purse strings!
     There's only so much I can say for EnfieldHighwayCarpetCleaners as they really do have to be experienced to be believed. I was in a huge rush after the cleaner we normally use had to cancel and I needed to get the house as clean as possible. In the end it's been a bit of a blessing because it's let me see what I've been missing with regards to a really great cleaning service. I know where I'll be taking my business from now on as they did a really fantastic job and I cannot stop waxing lyrical about the house.
Jeffrey Green04/06/2014
     The Lynch family have been using EnfieldHighwayCarpetCleaners for some time now, and we have never had a complaint so far. Not only that, but we have been consistently impressed with the level of cleanliness that they offer, as well as the speed and skill with which they pull it off. All this for a very fair price, and there is little more that you could want form your cleaning team, aside from perhaps being a lovely set of people, which they are as well... Perhaps we should be paying them more!
Rose Lynch05/03/2014

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